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Teaching & Mentoring

I am an enthusiastic and engaged teacher and academic mentor. As well as having experience of working with undergraduate and Masters level students, I have mentored secondary school pupils (aged 11-16 years) and A-level students (aged 17-18 years).

I am a patient and empathetic mentor whilst ensuring that my mentees and pupils achieve a high academic standard in their work. I am able to give direct, honest, and relevant feedback.


Where appropriate, I pride myself on taking a research-led approach to teaching, ensuring that my work with students is informed by the latest developments in the discipline, be that my own research findings or the outputs of others.


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Guest lecturer in ancient art, responsible for delivering five lectures and a specialized museum tour for fine art students.

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Princeton Academy of Art, New Jersey



Teaching assistant for Undergraduate archaeology class: 'Rome: Republic to Empire , 50BC–50AD'.

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University of Oxford,

Faculty of Classics

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Guest lecturer in Classics, responsible for delivering a lecture and practical plaster casting workshop for undergraduate students.

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Fairfield University,


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Leader of two support sessions for Masters students: the Academic Literature Support group and the Writing Support group.

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University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies

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Guest lecturer in Museum Studies, responsible for delivering a lecture on museum evaluation for Masters students.

Location Mark

University of Leicester, School of Museum Studies

"This was by far the most entertaining class I have ever been to. [...] Plaster casting is a multi-step method that requires much patience, and Dr Ellis was the perfect mentor throughout my learning process."

Fairfield University student

"The hands-on experience of plaster cast making helped put into perspective the intricacy of the art form described in our course literature. It has provided me with numerous priceless experiences."

Fairfield University student

"I was blown away by Dr Ellis's knowledge and experience of the history of plaster casts. She was an amazing role model as she taught us the process of plaster casting in class."

Fairfield University student



[Abbey's] contribution [to the module] was so valuable. It was an exemplary demonstration of theory-led practice, modelling for students an academically-grounded exploration and discussion of the topic, while engaging with them practically too. I was thrilled!"

Teaching feedback from module leader

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