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Dr Abbey Ellis

Academic Credentials

This page provides an overview of my academic achievements, including my educational background, publication history, the conferences which I have organised and contributed to, and my academic mentoring experience.



I am a first generation university student and first generation PhD. I come from a non-traditional educational background: I was home educated by my mother until the age of 16. After studying for my A-levels at a state sixth form, I was awarded my BA and MSt by the University of Oxford, followed by my PhD at the University of Leicester.


I have published work in peer-reviewed journals, as well as producing book and exhibition reviews. As of 2022, I also have several peer reviewed publications forthcoming, including an edited volume with the British Academy.



I have presented my research at numerous scholarly conferences. I have also convened such events (in addition to seminar programmes and study days) for national and international audiences. 

Teaching & Mentoring

I am an experienced academic mentor, supporting secondary school, A-level, and undergraduate students. I have also taught courses in Classical Archaeology and Museum Studies at undergraduate and Masters level.

Image by Kayla Koss
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