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Historic Busts

Conferences & Events

I am an experienced and efficient academic event planner.

My experience includes convening conferences, seminars, and study days.


I am a team player with strong interpersonal skills, having worked with many different teams of colleagues to deliver successful events. I am a proactive problem solver and effective multitasker.


I have a track record of making successful funding applications for academic events, and for managing budgets and stakeholder relationships afterward.


Having also presented my research at conferences and other academic events, I am also a highly effective verbal communicator. I have won awards for my presentation skills.


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March 2021

Ancient Plaster: Casting Light on a Forgotten Sculptural Material

British Academy, London

(Hosted virtually due to COVID-19)

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December 2019

Excavating Archaeology:
The Power of Process

University College London


June 2019

Lasting Impressions II: Making and Re-Making the Replica

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

This conference, co-convened with Dr Emma Payne and Dr Will Wootton (KCL) considered the use of plaster as a sculptural material in classical antiquity.

The event was truly interdisciplinary in nature. It comprised speaker presentations from internationally-based early career researchers and established scholars, and practical plaster working demonstrations from contemporary artistic practitioners. This facilitated a cooperative analysis of unresolved research problems.

Funding was secured from the British Academy, King's College London, and the Leverhulme Trust.

Following on from the success of the first Lasting Impressions event, this study day sought to put the materiality of reproductions under the microscope.

The programme included a morning of speaker presentations and a pop-up exhibition, where contemporary artistic practitioners engaged in reproduction-making were able to showcase their work.

Funding was secured from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and from the University of Durham's Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies.

This panel was co-conved with Beth Hodgett (Oxford) and hosted at the 40th annual Theoretical Archaeology Group conference.


The selected panellists interrogated the fundamental methodological questions of where and how archaeological knowledge is constructed. It also sought to investigate the power that post-excavation processes hold over understanding and interpretation.

My participation at this conference was supported by a grant from the University of Leicester's Doctoral College.

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2018 - 2019

Exploring the Institutionalisation of Archaeology

King's College London

This seminar series programme, co-convened with Subhashini Robert-William (KCL), explored the histories of varied archaeological collections, discussing the ways in which they contributed to the institutionalisation of the discipline in the nineteenth century.

Funding was secured from the King's College London and the British Association for Victorian Studies.

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June 2018

Lasting Impressions I: The Role and Perception of Reproductions

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

This study day gathered PhD students, early career researchers and museum professions to investigate the full
spectrum of reproductive art forms and better understand their different significances and potential roles in museum and heritage work. 

The day comprised a morning of speaker presentations and an afternoon creative session, where attendees were able to engage in some hands-on reproduction-making workshops.

Funding was secured from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 


October 2015

Celebrating the Diversity of Archaeology

Merton College, Oxford

During my tenure as president of the Oxford University Archaeological Society, I organised a conference for undergraduate students. The goal was to enable UK-based undergrads from Oxford and beyond to gain experience of presenting their work at a conference.

I deliberately selected a very broad theme to enable as many students to participate as possible, and welcomed contributions from young scholars in Sheffield, London, and Nottingham.

The conference was generously supported by Merton College, who provided the conference venue.


November 2022

"Copies as Art? The Case of Begram"

Location Mark

Boston Park Plaza

American Society for Overseas Research Annual Meeting

September 2018

"Power, Place, and Plasters: How does Museum Space Affect our Attitudes Towards Casts?"

Location Mark

School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

Museums (em)Power Conference

March 2021

"Plastering Over the Cracks: Looking to the Future"

Location Mark

British Academy, London (delivered virtually due to COVID-19)

Ancient Plaster: Casting a Light on a Forgotten Sculptural Material Conference

September 2018

"Archaeology Beyond Excavation: Using Ancient History in the Modern Museum"

*I was awarded the Bloomsbury Prize for best speaker presentation at this conference*

Location Mark

Cambridge University Department of Archaeology

Cambridge University Annual Student Archaeology Conference

December 2020

"Cast in the Past: Histories Ancient and Modern"

Location Mark

University College London

Theoretical Archaeology Group Annual Conference

September 2018

“Modern Questions, Ancient Answers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Authenticity in the Museum”

Location Mark

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

"Bridging the Gap" Arts & Humanities Research Council Conference

October 2019

"Modern Questions, Ancient Answers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Authenticity in the Museum"

Location Mark

University of Manchester

North West Consortium Doctoral Training Programme Conference

June 2018

“Archaeological Plaster Casts: In Search of Authenticity"

Location Mark

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Lasting Impressions I Conference: The Role and Perception of Reproductions in the Museum

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