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Through publishing my own academic work, I have become a highly skilled written communicator. 

I am able to construct well-supported ideas, respond to the critiques of external reviewers, and produce written work that is in line with journal style policies.


From editing a volume of conference proceedings, I have developed a high level of attention to detail. I have been responsible for proofreading submitted chapters, and revising all contributions to ensure that their readability and style is of an appropriate standard. 

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Peer Reviewed Chapters & Articles

2023 (In Press)

Ancient Plaster: Casting Light on a Forgotten Sculptural Material, edited by Payne, E.M., Ellis, A.L.R., and Wootton, W. and published by the British Academy Press.


My contributed chapter will be titled: "The Function of Ancient Plaster Casts from Metalworks: A Reconsideration." 

2022 (In Preparation)

"Out of the Darkness and Into the Light: Theories of Space Syntax applied to Archaeological Plaster Cast Collections" (in collaboration with Hamilton, C.).


"Banquets in Etruscan Funerary Art: For the Living or for the Dead?” in Assemblage, The Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology.

Book / Exhibition Reviews


Magazine Articles

2022 (In Press)

"Casting a New Light on the History of Archaeological Research at IAS" in The Institute Letter, Fall 2022.

Photography Publications


"Empathy in the Shadows" in Museological Review, Issue 26.


"Ancient Jury Duty Comes to Life at IAS" in The Institute Letter, Spring 2022.


"Faking It: New Research into the Ashmolean's Casts" in Ashmolean Magazine (with Marabelli, C.)

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