Dr Abbey Ellis

Museum Experience

This page provides an an overview of my work in the museum sector, including my public engagement projects, curatorial experience, digital skills and previous visitor research projects.

Image by Laurie Byrne

Public Engagement

I have collaborated with the education teams of various museums to create learning programmes for both adults and young people. These engaged with the museums' permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. 

Curatorial Work

I have been involved in numerous curation projects, often working as part of a larger exhibition development team. I am skilled at exhibition design, producing interpretive text, and creating research-led yet accessible displays.

Historic Statue
Image by Ariel Pilotto

Talks & Tours

I am an experienced museum tour guide. I have strong public speaking skills and genuine passion for sharing my knowledge with wider audiences. I also deliver public lectures based around museum collections and my own research.

Visitor Research

I am confident at carrying out person-centred museum evaluation. A key part of my PhD research involved conducting interviews with visitors to analyse how they  engaged with plaster cast collections, and how the objects' interpretation might be improved.

Image by Alicia Steels

Digital Skills

I have experience with numerous museum digitisation projects. I have trained in photogrammetry on the 3D Zephyr Programme and assisted with the digitisation of a collection of photographic slides.

I also have a good working knowledge of collections management software such as MuseumPlus, and competency with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Canva, Microsoft Office, and video editing software.