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Image by Sebastian Pichler

Talks & Tours

As a confident and engaging docent, I have seen first-hand how visitors' museum experiences can be utterly transformed through dialogue and inquiry. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to expand visitors' knowledge, feed their curiosity, and get them thinking about themes and ideas that they had not previously considered.

Image by Markus Winkler

August 2022

"What the Fake? The Art of Deception in the Modern Museum"

Princeton Academy of Art

This public lecture will discuss some of the most fascinating and ridiculous stories of artistic deception from history, ponder the psychology of looking at fakes, and consider what it means for a work of art to be "real" or "fake" anyway.

The Carlsberg Men_edited.jpg

February 2020

Various Exhibitions

Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

I gave tours of the Zurich Portrait Prize exhibition, the Sculpture Galleries, and the Daphne Wright contemporary art exhibition to secondary school children and groups with special educational needs.


May 2019

"Archaeological Plaster Casts: A Window into the Ancient World"

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

As part of the Ashmolean's lunchtime lecture series, I gave a hour-long talk about my PhD research in the Museum's Cast Gallery to a mixed audience of scholars and the general public.


2018 - 2019

Antinous: Boy Made God

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

I gave research-led tours of this temporary exhibition, informed by my PhD research. I discussed issues of authenticity involving marble and plaster cast portraits of Antinous, a Roman youth who was the favourite of Emperor Hadrian.

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January 2016

LiveFriday: Heroes and Villians

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

I delivered a "One Object Tour" to LiveFriday event attendees based around Powhatan's Mantle, a large deer hide decorated with cowrie shells that is rumoured to have belonged to the father of Pocohontas.

ceramic head bust table

2015 - 2017

Cast Gallery

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

As a core volunteer team member, I gave tours of the Lower Cast Gallery, a space that is not usually open to the public. As well as showcasing the objects, I was responsible for the safety of visitors and the densely-packed casts.

The Bridge of Sighs, Oxford_edited.jpg

2015 - 2016

Outreach Tour Guide

Merton College, Oxford

While working as a student ambassador, I gave tours of Merton College to prospective applicants and their families. My tours gave an insight into college life and gave attendees the chance to ask questions about studying at Oxford.


October 2014

LiveFriday: Egyptomania

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

I delivered a "One Object Tour" of the kouros plaster cast in the Museum's atrium. To ensure that my tour was in-keeping with the overall theme of the event, I discussed the likely Egyptian origins of the sculptural type.

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